The search in the database of the archive “Sculptures of Roman Greece” can be done in two ways

1) Simple Search: by entering a keyword

2) Advanced Search: by using a combination of terms in one or more fields relating to:

i) TITLE: key reference / keyword e.g. statue of Aphrodite

ii) SUBJECT: select from drop-down menu (acrolith, relief, architectural sculpture, altar, herm, sculpture in the round, bust, sarcophagus, table support)

iii) FUNCTION: select from drop-down menu (votive, decorative, cultic, building material, funeral, honorary, functional, architectural part)

iv) MUSEUM-LOCATION: select from drop-down menu

v) INVENTORY NUMBER: key reference / keyword e.g. Λ750

vi) FINDING LOCATION: key reference / keyword (in Greek)

vii) ORIGINAL POSITION: key reference / keyword (in Greek)

viii) MATERIAL-COLOR: select from drop-down menu

ix) THEME: key reference / keyword e.g. funerary banquet

x) INSCRIPTION: key reference / keyword e.g.greek

xi) DATE: key reference / keyword. The search can be done by entering a specific date (e.g. 180 AD), or a century (e.g. 2nd century AD.) or a period (e.g. early Hadrianic period)